I'm a New York-based designer and currently a senior experience designer at Learnvest, a Northwestern Mutual company. There, I'm part of the company’s digital transformation, designing new digital platforms and services for financial advisors and business-facing users.

I also mentor young designers on the team, help them understand the complex landscape, and guide them with their own work.

Prior to moving to New York, I worked in Autodesk’s R&D Innovation Center in Tel Aviv. I started as a product design intern and worked on projects that combined material and software design. While there, I created web and mobile apps for Mini Cooper and Caterpillar.

My bachelor’s degree in industrial design provided me with a strong, fundamental base in design aesthetics, ideation and concepting, prototyping, product testing, material explorations, and presentation skills. It carries through to my digital work in creating useful, useable, and engaging experiences for users.

Staying active keeps me balanced — tennis, salsa, kickboxing, and swimming is part of my routine.

I grew up in a small agricultural village in Israel before moving to New York City in 2016 (no need for visa or sponsorship). I live in Manhattan with my husband and — hopefully soon — a dog!