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As part of Autodesk's POC with Caterpillar, we created a full desktop and mobile experience that allowed customers to engage with the company's products in 3D, assemble their own tractors, view technical information and "drive" it using VR. 



Caterpillar wanted to equip their sales team with visual tools that can enhance sales and allow their client to assemble a tailored product.

I flew from Tel Aviv to Rapid City, South Dakota to meet the team personally, understand their needs and goals and translate it into MVP requirements. Back in Tel Aviv, I worked with my team to deliver an experience that enables purchasing and promoting CAT's products online, making them accessible and interactive.

Full Engaging Desktop and mobile interface that allows the customer to experience the different parts in 3D, assemble different types of vehicles, getting pricing quotes, and "driving" it using VR technology.

UX Designer
Client engagement, Requirement gathering, wireframing, prototyping, QA, Presentation
Desktop, Mobile and VR

April - August 2016

The Dream Team
Visual Designers - Noa Tomer, Hagar Ben Yishay
UX Lead - Einav Kivshany
Product Manager - Itamar Berger
Dev Lead - Avihay Assouline


Meeting the Team

Flying to meet the team in South Dakota by myself was one of my personal highlights in this project. It was their first time meeting a designer, and my first time meeting cowboys.


Requirements Gathering

My goal for this meeting was to come with a lot of questions and leave with a focused MVP plan.

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 11.33.41 PM
Board summery


"Caterpillar is looking to equip its sales team with visual tools that can enhance sales and allow the client to assemble their own product. By creating an interactive and realistic tool, we can also simplify the technical aspect and create a more accessible and positive experience for our clients."

What's in Scope for MVP?

We narrowed it down to 4 main features:
1. Hotspots - Viewing information about selected parts.
2. Ghosting - Allowing the user the hide selected parts of the tractor.
3. Assembly - Build your own Tractor from selected parts.
4. Camera - Viewing the vehicle from different angles.  


Keeping our Two Users in Mind

We're designing for the builder experience (the Caterpillar team) and for the shared experience (customer).

The builder defines all the tools, decides which models and parts to upload and shares it with the viewer. The viewer plays with the predefined parts and views all the information that was inputted by the builder.

Build Mode vs Shared Mode 

B vs C

Hot Spots Feature

Allowing the user to select different parts and see technical information about each one.

Hot Spot - Design Process

Hot Spot Process

Hot Spot- web Design for Builder Mode

Hot Spot - Web Design for Shared Mode

hot spot – share mode B (1)
sample hotspot icons_1 (1)

Hot Spot - Mobile Design

CAT iPhone 6 (1)_Page_1
CAT iPhone 6 (1)_Page_2
CAT iPhone 6 (1)_Page_3
Pasted image at 2016_06_16 05_24 PM

Hide and Show Capability

Allowing the user to hide certain parts of the tractor in order to see the interior, the engine and how the core parts are connected.

Ghosting Tool - Exploring options and getting team feedback

Ghosting Tool - UX Documentation (V1+V2)


Ghosting Tool - Final (V1)

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 8.56.58 PM

Tool Configurator

Allowing the user to replace the main tool in the vehicle, experience the animation of each tool in action and get a quote.

Builder Mode
The builder was able to upload the different parts and add a thumbnail before sharing it with the client.


Shared Mode
The customer can switch between the offered tools and experience the live animation for each one.

Virtual Ride

It was our first experience designing for VR/AR, so we turned it into a creative exploration by initiating team challenges and work sessions.

The biggest challenge was moving around the real-scale vehicle when you actually have very little space in real life. 

Team VR/AR Explorations

VR explore

Final Presentation

Eventually, we presented our final POC to Caterpillar and it exceeded their expectations. We build all the capabilities we committed to and the CEO presented our work in the yearly Autodesk conference in SF.

Final Video

Mobile Experience


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