Design your own Mini Cooper

Autodesk collaborated with Mini Cooper, Allowing car owners to design their own car parts. We launched the app in Mini's annual roadtrip “Mini takes the states”.

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My team developed an open-sourced marketplace, where businesses can assemble their end-to-end process on an accessible and modular canvas, before sharing this experience with their consumers. That way the customers become the inventors and control the final product before purchasing. You can learn more about the solution builder project here.

To prove and test our platform, one of the projects we did was with Mini Cooper. They wanted to allow car owners to design and custom car parts, and assemble them in their own car.

An intuitive app for Mini cooper owners to use in order to customize the sidelight and dashboard of their car, print the designed parts in 3D and install it in their car. The project launch took place in Mini cooper’s annual road trip “Mini takes the states” and was very successful.

UX Designer
Concepting, design, prototyping, QA

Nov 2015 - Sep 2016

The Dream Team
Visual Designers - Noa Tomer, Hagar Ben Yishay,
UX Lead - Einav Kivshany
Product Manager - Itamar Berger
Dev Lead - Amir Erell, Avihay Assouline


Our Users

Mini Cooper car owners are usually very loyal to their car and brand.

They buy special items for the car and treats it as their home or their favorite pet. The cars are originally designed to accommodate custom parts and can be replaced fairly easily.

Parts Customization

Some parts were open for selection to make the user feel like it is his car he is looking at, like the color of the car, and the shape of the wheels.

The scuttle of the car (side light) was fully customizable-  the user could select the background pattern, the color, the text, all as part of the app experience.

Launching the app on the road

We flew to the US and joined the Mini Cooper annual road trip “Mini takes the US” to test our app live, allowing customers to select and design their own scuttle, print it in 3D, and install it in their car on-site.


The 3D printed custom side-lights

תמונה מ-Adi (3)
3d printed

Dashboard Customization

After the successful launch in “Mini takes the states” we received a request from the company for dashboard customization capability.

Using our app, the customer would be able to select a pattern for his dashboard, adjust the setting to his desire and print it in 3D.

The flow (builder mode vs shared mode)

wireframe dashboard
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.33.27 PM

After exporting the file and printing it in 3D, the customer would receive a package a few days later and install it in his car.

printed dash