Solution Builder

A cloud-based ecosystem that allows businesses to create a dedicated space for their customers to explore and customize products in 3D.

This concept was tested with different companies like Caterpillar, Mini Cooper, New Balance and more. 

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Many companies want to allow their customers the freedom of design and choice before buying their products. The problem is it usually introduces manual work and complicate the process.

Autodesk wanted to provide companies with the ability to share an experience with their clients, that will provide them with access to explore, learn, and customize their products.

Our team designed an open-sourced marketplace, where businesses can assemble their end-to-end workflow on an accessible and modular canvas, before sharing this experience with their customers. That way the customers become the inventors and control the final product before purchasing.

UX Designer
Designed proof of concept experiences for caterpillar, Mini Cooper, New Balance and more.

Nov 2015 - Sep 2016

The Dream Team
Visual Designers - Noa Tomer, Hagar Ben Yishay
UX Lead - Einav Kivshany
Product Manager - Itamar Berger
Dev Lead - Avihay Assouline 


Who are our users?

As a B2B2C service, we designed 2 different experiences- for the business and for the client.

The business
An Admin space that defines and structure the experience (Referred to as Build mode).

The client
uses the shared version for learning about the product, making changes and customizing it (Referred to as shared mode).

The business flow

Part17_Sobu UX Presentation

First, the Business defines the problem and builds the workflow

Building the workflow by adding relevant kits (tools)

Kits flow

Endless and versatile kit selection

kits examples

Drag and Drop Kits from the Marketplace

The kits are tools for the business to assemble a unique workflow. Those could be found in the marketplace (Kit-Store) after developed by in-house or 3rd party developers. Anyone can develop a kit using a UI SDK and sell it on the kit store, and it was built to scale.

The workspace

· The main object as a 3D model (middle)
· The different parts that assemble the 3d model (1)
· Kits we added from the marketplace (2)
· Kit controllers (3)


Build to scale for any industry


The Business Defines the Kits Presets

The business then adjusts the kit’s controllers and saves it as different presets for the customer to later select from.

defining a preset
Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 11.41.42 AM (1)

The Business Shares the Experience with the Client

Once the business defines everything in the workflow (Uploading the relevant files, having all the relevant editing tools, etc.), he shares the experience with his customers.

The customer gets an invite to a workspace where he can edit and customize his unique product before purchasing it.

Builder mode vs Shared mode

B vs C
Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.22.09 PM
Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.33.27 PM

The Client Experience

The customer now has the freedom to explore and design the product, under the limitations the business instructed before (can add colors, patterns, select materials, add parts, etc.).

Cross-Platform Experience


Proof of Concept

We pilot tested this concept with different companies like BMW Group, Mini Cooper, Caterpillar, New Balance and more.

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